Suspension Tuning

The Value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred. 

-Soichiro Honda

Service Meets Passion

At 10 Tenths Motorsports in Albuquerque, NM our team not only enjoys Motorsports, we actually live it. On any given weekend you can find our hearts and souls in paddock spaces across the country. We understand our customer’s passion because we share it, this mutual love drives us to provide speedy and knowledgeable service so you can continue pursing your drive. 

Meet Our Team

Scotty Fox




Scotty is our resident greybeard, tuner, and lead mechanic. In fact, some might say 10 Tenths exists solely because of his talents. With over two decades of automotive experince that include everything from drag racing to drifting there is very little Scottie can’t tackle. When he isn’t working late or rocking out to his record collection he is supporting many of his closest friends and their motorsports aspirations. When it comes to motorsports you can always count on his support. 

Wade Anderson




Wade literally showed up at our garage fresh out of high school and its been history ever since. Wade has extensive knowledge when it comes to automotive fabrication and is proficient when it comes working with stainless and aluminum. When Wade isn’t drooling over an S chassis you can find him at your local track day or car show. 

Dave Ruybal




Dave fell in love with motorsports like a lot of us, when he took his first few laps in Grand Turismo on the PlayStation ONE! Ever since then if he wasn’t modifying his truck he was in the desert putting it to good use. His childhood passion lead him to real world motorsports where he competes locally and nationally in the SCCA’s solo series. When Dave isn’t dealing with lame business administrative stuff he’s chasing faster lap times.

Dylan Marsh




Dylan is one of the newest members of the team, despite his age Dylan’s motorsport back ground is extensive! He was an integral part of UNM’s FSAE team which allowed him to not only learn the ins and outs of car setup but also honed his skills as a driver. When he isn’t designing our newest products you can find Dylan shredding tires at the track. 

Mike Seefeldt




Mike grew up hot rodding classic American muscle cars and spent much of his youth drag racing in Alabama and Florida. Mike runs the day to day operations at 10 Tenths and is your go to for any Futura trailer needs. When he isn’t at the shop he’s either watching NASCAR or riding his bike. 

Shea Seefedlt

Shea Seefeldt




Shea quit his desk job and decided he wanted to cut his teeth in the motorsports business. He’s confident enough to try anything and knows enough to be dangerous. Above all his attention to detail and pursuit for perfection makes him a great gate keeper. When He’s not at the shop you can guarantee he’s at the track!