Welcome to 10 Tenths Motorsports

We are a full service performance oriented facility that provides a wide range of services from maintenance to fabrication, whatever your goals our team has the equipment and expertise to meet your needs!

Dyno Tuning 

With decades of tuning experince our team has the knowledge and equipment to optimize your vehicles performance, whether your looking for a basic ECU flash or a full fledged standalone engine management system we got you covered.   

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Suspension Tuning 

Our Team has extensive experince in a wide variety of motorsports, one thing they all have in common is the importance of a properly functioning suspension system. regardless if your passion is the 1/4 mile or time attacks we can assist you in achieving your ideal suspension setup. 


Our teams extensive CNC experience allows us to create elegant solutions for any need, from custom motor mounts to billet suspension bits. Our in house rapid prototyping allows us to quickly and affordably test revisions and produce a polished final product.   

Performance Parts

We offer a wide range of performance parts for domestic and imports alike, our performance packages have been tailored by our team to meet specific goals using our years of racing experience. whether you’re looking for the ideal street car or are competing at a professional level, we have a package that will deliver the performance your want. 

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